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14 Apr 2005

Double reason for celebration: two award - winning successes for WERMA

The Hanover Fair 2005 was the scene of overwhelming success for WERMA Signaltechnik; after receiving the 'red dot design award 2005' the company was also presented with the 'PDM Star'.

Double reason for celebration: two award - winning successes for WERMA

Elation broke out in April when the aesthetically perfect new stainless steel LED signal tower, 'deSIGN 42' was awarded the internationally recognized 'red dot design award 2005' for outstanding product design.

WERMA took part in this competition for the first time and was placed straigh-taway on a par with the very elite of the international design scene.

The second wave of jubilation came with the award of the 'PDM Star 2005'. Winners of the 'PDM productive!' were presented with prizes at the Hanover Fair and WERMA was here singled out for its superlative conception of a product data management system. The initial concept behind all the award-winning projects was the establishment of a central product data management scheme within a company.

PDM produktivA PDM system draws together all the company's relevant product information and makes it available as one unit at all times and in all places. Anika Luz, PDM Project Leader and Head of Marketing Team, was the initiator and driving force behind the award - winning concept. The product data files will be complemented by an online product catalogue using the PDM system.

Managing Director, Günter Kirn, is naturally both pleased and proud about the award-winning successes of the past months, " The fact that we have won two coveted prizes within a short length of time confirms and strengthens our position as market leader in the field of signal technology."

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