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23 May 2023

Lean processes for change

Experience clever digitization solutions for production and logistics live at WERMA Signaltechnik

As part of the "Lean Factory Roadshow", interested managing directors, production and logistics managers as well as all lean and process managers were able to experience everything to do with the topic of "Lean, Shopfloor Management and Transparency in Production" at first hand at WERMA. Visitors not only gained exciting insights into the company's own production, but specialists also demonstrated how the path to lean processes, Industry 4.0 and greater competitiveness can be achieved quickly and easily. The visitors were particularly enthusiastic about the direct practical relevance and the opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people.

Looking to the digital future together

WERMA takes signal technology a step further - the signal device manufacturer has been regarded as "Europe's leading signal" for years and has been proving this time and again for decades. The company has now organized a very special knowledge exchange for managing directors, production and logistics managers as well as all lean and process managers on the topics of "Lean" and "Digitalization in Industry".

In addition to exciting keynote speeches on how lean and digital strategies can be implemented in practice, visitors experienced concrete applications, products and solutions to become more competitive. One of the highlights of this event was the tour of WERMA's production facilities, where numerous live examples were used to explain how lean methods can be implemented in production and shipping and what benefits they bring.

Intelligent signaling technology for the world of today and tomorrow

In addition to classic signal devices, WERMA offers concrete solutions that make Industry 4.0 tangible, tangible and immediately implementable in practice. These radio-based, innovative systems for process optimization in industry, production and shipping logistics are the only ones of their kind in the world to network machines, workstations or FIFO racks with each other via radio. They thus represent a simple, retrofittable and ready-made solution for reducing downtimes or for automatic replenishment control. Especially "WeASSIST", the innovative plug & play solution for the comprehensive and permanent monitoring of production processes, caused great enthusiasm among the visitors.

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