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How can I see at a glance which critical conditions are present in my production and what I need to do first?

Use the Andon Board to get a prioritized list of faults or problems based on your attributes, which can be successively worked through and acknowledged. With the help of the Andon Board, you can see at a glance which faults are more urgent than others and in which order you have to work through them.

Andon Board Widget WeASSIST

First, you give your Andon Board a title. Then, select the devices whose data will be used for your Andon board.

Andon Board Attributes WeASSIST

Now you need to select the attributes that are relevant to you and prioritize them according to your personal preference. A device will only appear on this list if one of the attributes you selected is present. The feature that you set to the top position is assumed to be the most critical feature and will therefore appear at the top of the list if it is present on a device. If several devices have the same critical feature, the device whose critical state has been present the longest will be displayed at the top.

Andon Board

This way you always keep track and know what to do. If you have configured an acknowledgement level on one of your devices, you can use the Andon Board to switch this level to signal to your staff that help is on the way.

To learn how an acknowledgement level works and how to configure it, see the corresponding article.

Tip: If you want to view several areas of your production individually, it is recommended to name the Andon Board accordingly and to select only the respective devices.