Status History Widget Support

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How do I view the status history of one of my stack lights?

In WeASSIST, analyses are based on the categories and attributes you create. Using this widget, you can visualize the status history for individual devices in a selected category.

First, select the device whose status history you want to visualize. Then define the category in which the status history of the attributes is to be displayed.

Now you have determined which category and which device is to be displayed. Now you determine in which period the status history should be displayed. By default, the last 24 hours are provided here. Optionally, you can also display the last 8 hours or the last hour.

With the lower slider you can hide system attributes to display in your widget only the states or attributes that are important to you.

On the place widget, you can now use the upper slider to further reduce and specify the time period of your viewing, if needed. If needed, certain attributes can be hidden by clicking below the diagram.