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How do dashboards work and how can I populate them with widgets?

Information is only as good as how it is received by the intended user. With the help of dashboards in WeASSIST you have the possibility to display information for your personal purpose clearly at a glance.

For this purpose you can use various widgets, which will be described in more detail in further articles. After you have finished the basic configuration of your system you are now ready for your first dashboard.

Use the navigation on the left side to get to your dashboards. Use the selection to create a new dashboard.

Via the menu of the dashboard view you assign a suitable name to the dashboard and adjust the information to be displayed via the "Customize" button. This is where the aforementioned widgets come into play, which will be described in detail in further blog articles.

To place widgets on your dashboard, either select the desired area for the widget and choose the appropriate widget from the drop-down selection. Another way is to use the "+" to open the widget selection and add a new widget that way.

Once a widget is placed, you can resize or reposition it at the corners. Surrounding widgets are automatically resized to fit the screen size.

After configuring your dashboard, you can save it using the "Save" button or cancel the configuration.

If many widgets are to be placed on a dashboard, the space of one screen is often not enough, so we have developed the scroll mode. By enabling the mode, widgets can be placed beyond the normal screen size and after saving, you can use scrolling to get to the other widgets.

Tip: If there is not enough space to display the information in the corresponding sufficient size, we recommend you to use the "Scroll" mode.

After you have placed all the widgets and assigned a suitable name, do not forget to save the dashboard using the "Save" button in the upper right corner.

You are not limited in the number of dashboards and can display the suitable information for any purpose on one dashboard here. Using the stars in the dashboard selection, you can place your favorites in the selection at the top.

Now that you have been using your dashboard for a while, you may want to customize some things after all. You do this by clicking the "Customize" button. This allows widgets to be repositioned and scaled. Using the three dots on the right edge of a widget, you can either reopen the configuration of the widget and adjust it, or you can delete the selected widget to make room for something else.

If you no longer need the entire dashboard you can also do this using the three dots in the upper right corner. Renaming is also possible in this area.

Exemplary Dashboard: