Creation of the light pattern Support

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How can I create light patterns for my signal towers?

A Light pattern is the combination of the different tiers of a tower. The simplest form is a light pattern where only one tier is on and all others are off.

If you want to control different tiers at the same time and visualize and analyse this combinatorics, you can create more complex light pattern:


To configure a light pattern, proceed as follows:

Go to the device page "Administration - > Devices" select the device you want to provide with light pattern and open the tab " light pattern ".

To create a new light pattern, click on the "+" and create your light pattern in the following window.


Name your light pattern. The name of the light pattern will be displayed in the floor plan and in the live data as soon as the light pattern is available.

To assign attributes to a light pattern, read the article "Assigning attributes to light pattern ".


  • Even if none of the tiers of the tower are lit, this is a light pattern, a light pattern where all tiers are off.
  • If you want to configure several towers in the same way and provide them with the same light pattern and attributes, we recommend configuring one tower completely, providing it with light pattern and attributes and then transferring them to other towers using the "Copy configuration" function.