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Creation of causes
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How can I store causes for possible incidents?

In WeASSIST you have the possibility to create incidents and enrich them with analyzable causes. An incident is something that happens in your company unexpectedly. It can be a malfunction of a machine, a problem with the material supply, a power failure, a sick employee or many other things. To create an incident with analyzable causes, you must first create them system-wide.

The causes are organized in a tree structure and can thus be subdivided as desired.
To create the first cause level, go to the Administration tab à Incident causes and use the "+" to enter the first area of the cause. Here in the example, that would be the Logistics level.

Creating the causes

After the first level of causes has been created, in the next step you can create further causes underneath for this cause by selecting the created causes and clicking on the "+" symbol there.
You can repeat this step as many times as you want to add more outline levels.

Creating the causes

After you have stored the causes, you can use and analyze the cause in the incident system.

Creating the causes