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27 Sep 2018

PACK EXPO & Healthcare Packaging Expo 2018: WERMA presents intelligent systems for process optimization

Syracuse, NY, Sept. 28, 2018 – WERMA, a pioneer for visual and audible signal devices, will be showing innovative systems for process optimization in manufacturing and also innovative signaling solutions developed for use in food and hygiene areas at PACK EXPO in Chicago from October 14-17, 2018.

PACK EXPO & Healthcare Packaging Expo 2018: WERMA presents intelligent systems for process optimization
WERMA offers retrofit wireless monitoring systems for machines, manual workstations and logistic workstations.

SmartMONITOR – the smart MDC alternative
SmartMONITOR is an intelligent and innovative solution to realize a wireless Andon Call-for-Action System in your production facility to easily collect reliable data from machines, systems and manual workstations. Disruptions to the process can be easily indicated by Andon lights. This information is also wirelessly collected and documented to analyze and determine unproductive time and downtime reasons. Response to disruptions and downtime will save time long-term. The wirelessly networked system will also provide a central control station overview of activities and can send e-mails calling for immediate action.

WERMA has the solution: The LED stack light CleanSIGN
WERMA specifically developed and constructed a stack light for use in food and hygiene areas to meet the demanding requirements. Thanks to the compact design, the CleanSIGN doesn’t have any uneven surfaces, grooves or joints where dirt could collect and liquids and fluids drain quickly. With an IP67/69k rating, the stack light can be cleaned easily and withstands high pressure and steam cleaning conditions. The LED technology used ensures brightness with a flexible choice of colors for each tier of the stack light and a life duration of up to 50,000 hours. The integrated buzzer provides additional indication and warning.

Meet Udo Skarke, General Manager WERMA USA Inc at PACK EXPO
Come and see us at PACK EXPO in Chicago (East building, booth 8728) and see for yourself our hygienic design signaling solutions and intelligent wireless process optimization systems.
You will also have the opportunity to meet our General Manager of WERMA USA Inc Udo Skarke. Come along and talk to our experts and see our latest products. We are looking forward to your visit.

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Udo Skarke
General Manager • WERMA USA

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