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Update installation (ZIP)
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WIN Installation STANDARD (with database) (ZIP)
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Manual for the version (PDF)
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Microsoft SQL Server 2014 SP2 Express - Management Studio

Download: http://go.microsoft.com/

Under "Download", select the following file:

  • Windows (32-Bit): SQLManagementStudio_x86_ENU.exe
  • Windows (64-Bit): SQLManagementStudio_x64_ENU.exe

Important notes:

  • Please first install the software or the software update on the PC where the database is installed and then on all other PCs.
  • If you are running WIN on multiple PCs, you must upgrade all your PCs to the same software version to maintain correct Operation. During the update of an existing WIN installation the database will be automatically updated. We recommend backing up your WIN database before running the update.


Windows 10 support:

Examination during the installation process, if the "Server" installation will be carried out on a Windows 10. Display a warning message if the SQL Server 2008 R2 will be installed automatically.
Please refer to the instructions in the manual.


WIN ethernet master activation:

Improvement of the activation dialogue to facilitate the network configuration.

Productivity module

Troubleshooting the view was not updated automatically in full screen mode after 10 minutes.


When you trigger an external application the directory where the application is stored is defined as the working directory.

Troubleshooting "WINtoApplication start automatically" setting was not saved.


Correction of the data filtering for the reports of the job module.

Job module

Fixes an issue after a power loss that triggered negative job values in the next job.

Auto jobs

Corrections for auto jobs for newly added WIN slave performance.

Corrections to the correct job assignment of the first piece (first impulse).

Correction with editing auto jobs.

Further information is available in the WIN manual.



  • The application setting allows you to transmit the statuses of
    your signal towers to another application for further processing.
  • WINtoApplication can be set individually for each user
    (active user log in)
  • Use of additional software WINtoUSB is possible again

Further information is available in the WIN manual.


E-Mail transmission via two different setting options possible:

  • Use of the built-in transmitting feature
    Use of the WERMA WIN E-Mail server with SSL encryption.
  • Use of your own SMTP server
    Use in large networks with many different recipients and
    a large number of E-Mails to be sent.

Please refer the notes in the manual.

Control Station Module + Runtime Module

Counting quantities without the Job Module

  • Count quantities with WIN slave performance
  • Reset the counter manually in the Control Station Module
  • Analyse quantities in the Runtime Module and with the Report Function

Productivity Module

Evaluation of productive states

  • When states overlap, the analysis is carried out with a defined prioritisation.

Further information is available in the WIN manual.


The new WIN ethernet master does away with the requirement of the current WIN master to have the receiver close by the equipment being monitored. The master is simply configured and plugged into an available ethernet socket.

In the network configuration of the WIN ethernet masters, you can choose between two options:

  • Receive IP address automatically via DHCP
  • use static IP address

Routing module

Under "Connection Status" all WIN masters which are integrated in the WIN database are displayed, with connection type and connection status.

  • Quick overview of the integrated receiver and their status in the WIN network.


All WIN devices included in the WIN database can be deleted individually with respective data using the settings menu.


The exchange function in the activation menu enables you to transfer the configuration of a WIN master (USB) to the WIN ethernet master.

  • All WIN slaves configured to the WIN master (USB) will in future send their information to the WIN ethernet master.


The “WERMA WIN 4 Server Service” runs in the background as soon as the PC is turned on.

  • The WIN data is written to the WIN database without the WIN software running or a user being logged on.

The “WERMA WIN 4 Connector Service” runs in the background as soon as the PC is turned on.

  • Collected WIN data through the WIN Master will be transferred to the “WERMA WIN 4 Server Service” without the WIN software running or a user being logged on.

Configure the switch conditions of the WIN slave control. You can choose between the standard (default) “Activate only the signal tower” and “Initiate additional pins 2 to 5”.

  • Instigate processes to eliminate wastage.
  • Initiate or switch off equipment in order to produce more efficiently.
  • Use the signal tower to visualise the complete status overview of the shopfloor.

Control Module for WIN slave control

In the Control Module you can define rules with certain logic functions with which you can switch or control a WIN slave control. You can use as an input signal for the logic function those WIN slaves forming part of the network.

Logic functions:

  • “AND” - Each tier must be in the selected status.
  • “OR” - At least one tier must have the defined status.
  • “NOR” - No tier may be in the defined status.
  • Enter custom logic function. You can make up more complex rules by using the functions “AND”, “OR”, “NOT” and brackets.

Control Station

Each WIN slave control can be switched or controlled manually. You can choose between “Off“, “On” or “Blinking“.

Further information is available in the WIN manual.


Report and export function

  • A report and export function is now available in the following modules:
    Control Station, Productivity, Runtime and Job Module
  • A report can only be generated from the currently selected view or for the selected settings.
  • Add company logo and company name for an individual report.

Report and printing preview

  • In the preview you have the following options for further processing of the report:
    Print document, adjust formatting of the document, navigate in the document, edit the background and export as a PDF file, HTML file, CSV file, Excel file or image file.

Automatic restart

  • Easy to switch between the three different languages (German, English and French) without manual restart.

Control Station Module

Optimise the status transmission

  • E-mail recipients per tier
    • Inform the responsible person when the status changes, to react quickly and avoid long downtimes.
  • E-mail recipient depending on the job
    • Inform the responsible person so that they can take the next necessary steps for reaching a defined performance level or a defined number of units.

Further designs

  • Choose a suitable variant for the desired design.
  • You can choose between signal tower with text, signal tower without text and individual light, each in different sizes.

Productivity Module

Time period for update can be selected individually

  • Define your desired time period for updating the view and receive quickly the desired information.

Total productivity per view

  • In each view, you may receive a total productivity per view based on all defined states.

Runtime Module

Select views with defined WIN slaves

  • Views, which were defined in the control station or productivity module for departments, teams or buildings, can now also be used in the runtime module for analysis.
  • The number of views was increased to 20.

Analysis of the latest completed time period

  • Defined time period, such as a shift, can now also be used in the runtime module for analysis.

Time period for update can be selected individually

  • Define your desired time period for updating the view and receive quickly the desired information.

Mouse over function for start and end time of a status

  • By simply driving over the status the name, start and end time of the status are now displayed in a tool tip.

Job Module

New filter for start and end time

  • The filter functions in the job overview allow you to sort the job.
  • The filter start and end time allows you to select jobs depending on a particular day, week or month.

Right-click functions with the mouse

  • You now have the opportunity to edit, to start, to delete or end the selected job in a right-click menu.
  • In addition, you now have the option to duplicate a job.

Optimisation for import of CSV file

  • The delimiters for a CSV file are:
    semicolon (;), comma (,), tab (t) or pipe (|)

Further information is available in the WIN manual.

Control Station Module

Definition of the productive states.

  • Differentiate between "productive" and "non productive" states.
  • This enables an analysis of these states in the productivity module.

Productivity Module

Evaluation of the productive states.

  • Analyse the productive states of the individual WIN slaves and WIN slaves performance.

Evaluation of the total productivity per view.

  • With the definition of the productive states, the total productivity per view can be analysed.
  • Evaluate the total productivity of individual departments or production lines.

Runtime Module

Runtime depiction of several WIN slaves.

  • Comparison of several or all WIN slaves over a determined time interval.


WINtoUSB Software:

  • With the function "Status transmission to an application" in the WIN software, you now have the ability to trigger the WERMA USB products.
  • In the new WINtoUSB software you can define a logic which then displays the states of all WIN slaves in just one signal tower which is connected to a PC.
  • The new software WINtoUSB is available with the USB products:
    • 697.430.53 Kompakt 71 with USB interface
    • 640.840.00 USB terminal element KombiSIGN 71

Further information is available in the WIN and WINtoUSB manual.

Installation process is now optimized


Powerful SQL-based database

  • Stable network and large data volume

Hide modules and password protection

  • Multiple access with limited functionality for different people

Control Station

Current machine status, number of parts and current jobs at a glance

  • Impartial monitoring system

Functional expansion of status change message (time and tier)

  • Reduction in reaction time and downtime

Automatic job start via a signal tower element or alternatively via the 1st part output

  • Reduce downtimes


Extremely fast productivity analysis

  • Improve capacity utilisation

View defined time periods, such as specific shifts

  • Any time period can be easily and retrospectively analysed


Analysis of the job progression

  • Continuous comparison of plan/actual values

Entry of machine error information in the runtime module with additional touch function

  • Search, identify and eliminate fault conditions


Entry of machine job information manually or via an import function (CSV)

  • Easy entry of target data

View the machine job details

  • A comprehensive overview of which job is running on which machine and how the job is progressing

Create auto jobs

  • Optimised planning

Further information is available in the manual.


In addition to German and English WERMA-WIN is now available in French.

The intelligent autostart function automatically opens your desired view.

Control station

The settings "activated or "deactivated" for the status change message will be stored on a user-specific basis.


With the new multi-view function in the runtime module you can compare the performance of several machines.

To ensure easy navigation within the notes, the time interval can be selected by mouse click.

Further information are available in the manual.


If you are generating a blinking signal for your signal tower (e.g. via a PLC) you can configure this in the software. The software then automatically detects the blink status of your signal towers. It is possible to monitor up to eight different statuses.

A new selection window provides easier access to the existing and additional activation options.

Optimise the transmission range for your requirements. You can choose whether you want to run the range optimisation for up to 20 slaves or up to 50 slaves.

Control Station

By forwarding the status by e-mail, you can define who should be informed and when for each individual signal tower.

Inform an external application of a change in status for your signal towers and transmit the relevant parameters to it.

A sound output for the status change messages also enables you to be informed acoustically of a change in status. We provide you with a variety of sound files for perfect signalling.

Zoom in or out of the background image in the Control Station and Productivity Module depending on your requirements.

In the new Full screen mode you can use the entire size of the screen to display the Control Station and Productivity Module.

The background colour of the slave in the Control Station turns red for three seconds when there is a change in the status of the signal tower. This enables you to recognise more precisely when there is a status change.

The Control Station now includes several display variants.
These are of particular value when using the central display.


The new zoom function in the Productivity Module gives you a better overview.


The Runtime Module now automatically determines how often a status occurs during the selected period.

Create different coloured notes in the runtime module. This can be used to explain downtime periods, plan future periods or simply store notes.

Further information is available in the manual.