The smart MDE alternative for manufacturing companies


Your benefits

SmartMONITOR is the smart MDE alternative for industrial companies looking for a way to quickly and easily gather reliable data to optimise manufacturing processes. Intelligent networking of signal towers creates a simple, low-cost retrofit alternative to conventional, complex MDE systems.

  • Identifies and documents faults and unproductive time more quickly
  • Reduces response times and prevents downtime
  • Works regardless of the manufacturer, age or function of the machine
  • Provides all relevant data of machines, systems and manual workstations at a glance
  • Reports show opportunities for process and productivity improvements
  • Modular and expandable with no cabling required

Typical applications

  • Discover hidden optimisation potential
  • Signal a production stoppage
  • Manage the supply of material to machines and workstations
  • As a control station for manufacturing companies
  • Production reporting

Initial startup

  • Install software
  • Connect and configure receiver on the computer
  • Connect and configure transmitter on the computer
  • Integate transmiter into signal tower (no tools necessary)


  • Robust and proven wireless network for manufacturing environments
  • Licence-free software is included
  • Integrated analytics and reporting tools
  • WIN slave control enables you to trigger simple logical rules for example to activate an additional signal tower as a head-of-line function

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WIN ethernet master

  • Receiver can be located close to the operation without being connected to a PC

WIN slave performance KS 71

  • - Economical wireless-based Machine Data Collection system (MDC system)
  • - Analyse and optimise production processes
  • - Machine status and part count monitoring of a wide range of different machines
  • - Minimal installation effort and intuitive software

WIN slave KombiSIGN 71

  • Economical wireless-based Machine Data Collection system (MDC system)
  • Central monitoring of a wide range of different machines via PC
  • Reduction of reaction times, repair and maintenance requirements and costs
  • No additional wiring as existing WERMA signal towers can be used and signals are transmitted wirelessly

WIN slave control KS

  • Manual switching with the wireless system (initiate/control/call system etc.)
  • Head of Line" function
  • Logic module can link the status of other transmitters with logic commands to the WIN slave control

KS72 Classic

KS72 Classic