Manual Call for Action System without Networking


Your benefits

The introduction to professional call for action systems: the easy-to-retrofit Andon products in combination with WERMA KombiSIGN 71 and KombiSIGN 72 signal towers. With these products it is easy to improve safety and efficiency in the workplace.

  • Rapid assistance reduces wait times
  • Reduces response times and prevents shutdowns
  • Intuitive and self-explanatory light system
  • More reliability and efficiency (no running about, calling out, etc.)
  • It can be expanded to a networked system at any time

Typical applications

  • Professionally signal problems at workstations
  • Manage supply of materials to workstations
  • Optimise processes

Initial startup

  • Simply connect AndonLIGHT with mains plug


  • Enables up to eight different statuses to be activated
  • Signal directly on the signal tower with AndonCONTROL
  • Activate signals on the signal tower with Andon SmartBOX


  • A simple call system for various applications such as manual workstations
  • Instant status display at the touch of a button to aid process optimisation
  • Intelligent electronics enable the activation of up to eight different states
  • Simple installation as no additional cable is required
  • Universal power supply and interchangeable adaptors enable worldwide use


Andon SmartBOX BWM 115-230VAC

KS72 Classic

KS72 Classic