Maxi Signal Beacons

For perception over long distances

Your benefits

WERMA’s Maxi Beacons give fl exible signalling over larger distances. The IP65 rated units are ideally suited for use in both indoor and outdoor applications.

838 xenon double flash:

  • Very bright, even in direct sunlight and over longer distances

280 LED beacons:

  • Versatile light effects (permanent / rotating / fl ash / EVS) for a wide range of applications
  • Resistant to shock and vibration
  • Maintenance-free operation and low running costs

883/884 rotating mirror beacons:

  • High intensity light and robust housing
  • Easy to connect, without removing the mechanical assembly

Typical applications

Signalling faults and relaying alarms

  • In building technology
  • For door and gate systems
  • On machinery and plant equipment, over long distances

Installation options

  • Base mounting
  • Tube mounting
  • Bracket mounting


  • Tamper-proof and shock-resistant up to 20 joules
  • Optional wire guard to protect against mechanical damage

883/884 rotating mirror beacons:

  • Quiet, with low-wear wheel and disc drive

884 revolving beacon:

  • Special Fresnel lenses produce beams of light that can be seen over longer distances even in poor light conditions

LED Perm. Beacon BM 12-50VDC

  • Life duration up to 50,000 hrs
  • Adaptor for tube mounting (accessory)
  • High impact resistance to 20 Joules
  • DC multi-voltage version

LED Double Flash Beacon

  • Intense LED double flash with very low power consumption
  • Powerful signalling effect due to two consecutive flashes
  • Adaptor for tube mounting
  • (accessory)
  • High impact up to 20 Joule

Rotating Mirror Beacon

  • Extreme durability thanks to low wear wheel and disc drive
  • Adaptor for tube mounting (accessory)
  • High impact resistance to 20 Joules

Revolving Beacon

  • Greater signal effect particularly in poor visibility due to 3 Fresnel lenses
  • Extreme durability due to low-wear wheel and disc drive
  • High impact resistance to 20 Joules